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Sound cards for PCs are not only getting more affordable but have also reached quality levels that are comparable to expensive stand-alone pro-samplers.  To satisfy this need of the PC user for professional sound libraries, we are proud to introduce our SOUND SOLUTION SERIES.

The samples are in WAV format - 16 bit - 44.1 KHz - stereo
and have been carefully looped where appropriate.

These loop points that were mainly calculated with the INFINITY Logo Software can be loaded directly with many of the usual Sample-RAM-Cards, like i.e. all "Turtle Beach"-Cards.

Endless Application Possibilities

Besides PC-Sound-Cards like i.e. AWE-32 , TBS-2000, Maui, Tahiti, Tropez and many others there are also many samplers and Sample-ROM-Players available, like i.e. Kurzweil or Peavey that load up WAV-Sound files directly.  These sound files, especially the loops & licks and other additional so called  "One Shot"-Samples, are also easily integrated into your HD-Project . Also the most modern sequencer programs,  like i.e. Cubase Audio, Logic Audio, Digital Orchestrator plus, Powertracks and many more, allow people to work hands on with the WAV-Files.

But not only the professional user could profit from this new CD-ROM series.  With the sounds of the SOUND SOLUTION CD-ROMs the "NEWCOMER" can quickly develop into the "CHART CLIMBER", because even when used with less expensive Multi track-WAV-Players like i.e. "Samplitude Multimedia" or "Music Maker", professional results are achieved quickly and easily.

Compare Price + Performance !

When you compare prices, especially with shareware or super cheap offers, please note that the SOUND-SOLUTION-series consists of only high quality, newly produced and license free recordings achieved with the most modern studio techniques.

Furthermore the contents descriptions are to be viewed critically since there are several CD-ROMs on the market decorated with "nice high" Megabyte-Numbers but as a matter of  fact the same sound material is used in several sample-rates and/or various formats and is therefore simply repeated.

For the benefit of  quality and quantity such repeats were not used in the making of the SOUND SOLUTION CD-ROMs and only the highest WAV-Format was chosen - therefore you receive "true", up to 647 MB Studio-Sounds on each CD-ROM !




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