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Welcome to the interactive listing for the
Monster Pack / Sound Clips 12000 Sound Library

This document has been designed to help you in your search for the right sounds for your next musical project. However, you will understand that it would be simply to big a task to provide a description for each and every sound in the library because that would produce a document which would be around 200 pages in length, and as interesting as a house brick.

As sounds are more interesting than a description, we have included many sound files within this interactive document so that you can actually hear as well as read about the contents of the library.

The Monster Pack 12000 library is logically organised as a series of CD-volumes containing many subfolders which also may contain further related subfolders or files. Each of the main volumes contains a music style such as House, Dance or Pop etc.

Each of the subfolders contain various tempos of the parent style of music. Further still, these folders are divided for Drum-loops, Vocals and Basslines etc.

At the base level of the folder structure, you will see the actual sound files. Within this document there are a few examples of the sound files which you can click on if you want to hear them. The sound files relate to the category in which they are listed so that you can get a good idea of what the library has to offer. In this special Internet-Version compressed Mp3-Files are used - the original library of course is in a higher sound quality.

Using this interactive document you will quickly become familiar with the structural content of the library and will soon be able to choose and locate the sound files your require in no time at all.

At this point, We would like to wish you many enjoyable hours building your musical compositions with the help of Monster Pack 12000 sound library.

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