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The sound library has been structured in a manner which should help you to find the sound file that you require quickly and easily. This can be done once you understand how the structure works.

Example: Sound files with E-Basslines at a Tempo of 100bpm can be found by first looking in the main folder named "100bpm" then in the sub-folder named "bassline" and then "synthbass".


Main folder 100bpm

Subfolder bassline

Subfolder elecbass

67 x SB = Synthetic Bass Lines
Play sound file! 1sb4c050.mp3

These are mostly 4 bars long and more can be found on CD 1at 100bpm in the key of C.


Symbols Explained


Main folder 120bpm

Folders with a red tab and yellow text indicate a main folder of the highest level in the folder structure. By clicking on the symbol you will jump to the next level down in the file structure.


folder drumloops

A closed yellow folder with green text will indicate a sub-folder. Bold text indicates that this folder is in the second level of the folder structure.


Sub-folder scratches

An open yellow folder indicates that this sub-folder is at the lowest level in the structure. This folder will actually contain the sound files.


43 x FX = misc. electronic FX

The green text above the image will provide information about the number of and the type of files contained in the folder. If you click on the symbol, the example sound will be played.


Handheld percussion loops 1-4 bars in length....

Each section will give a brief description of the sound files so that you will soon get to know more about the collection.


At the end of each section you will see this symbol on the right hand side of the window. Clicking on this symbol will take you back to the top of the page.

These buttons appear at the bottom of the menu. Clicking "Help" will take you to this page and clicking "Index" will take you the page that explains the abbreviations used for the sound file names in the library.

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