Main folder m_media

Sub folder sound _tr

58 x BM = Background Music
Play sound! 0bm00001.mp3

This large folder (about 350 Mb) in size includes 58 ready made soundtracks which can be used as background music for your home made movies and presentations. The soundtracks are up to 1 minute in length and range from classical to synth and pop. Click the sample above to hear a short demonstration. .

Main folder zapper

Sub folder elec_zaps

212 x ZX = Zap Effects
Play sound! 0zx00001.mp3

This folder contains over 200 synth noises which are all quite short but just enough to liven up your application environment, or a multimedia presentation. If you are into modern musical tastes and need something short to fill that gap in your composition, then look here first. The sample above will give you a n idea of what this folder contains. .

Sub folder nat_zaps

160 x ZX = Zap Effects
Play sound! 0zx00500.mp3

In the second folder for this category you will find another 160 short samples. These samples originate from natural sounds (the sound of every day life) and will be useful to anyone who needs to enhance the soundtrack for a home movie or multimedia presentation. .


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Main folder nt_sound

Sub folder animals

47 x AX = Animals (SFX)
Play sound! 0ax00001.mp3

In this folder you will find many sounds sampled from all your favourite animals. Dogs, hens, cats etc. If you like all creatures great and small then why not use these samples to bring your PC to life. .

Sub folder home

64 x HX = Home (SFX)
Play sound! 0hx00047.mp3

This folder contains over 60 sound samples which have been taken from places around the home such as the kitchen, bathroom the garage etc. You will be suprised at the number of different items in the home which can be identified by sound alone. Check out the sample above.

Sub folder misc_fx

24 x VX = various Sound Effects (misc./ natural)
Play sound! 0vx00023.mp3

This collection of sound samples come from other aspects of life such as parties with fireworks and celebrations. Try the sample above to hear the fireworks. .

Sub folder nature

12 x VX = Sound Effects (nature)
Play sound! 0vx00107.mp3

This is a small collection of natural sounds such as wind , sea and thunder. The thunder sounds so real, you'll want to hide under the table !!

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Sub folder office

50 x OX = Office (Sound Effects)
Play sound! 0ox00035.mp3

Here is a collection of office sounds which could be quite useful in a multimedia presentation. You'll find door bells, telephones, printers and many other things from the office which can easily be recognised by the sound they make.

Sub folder people

63 x PX = People (Sound Effects)
Play sound! 0px00060.mp3

If you need to hear to sound of people having a good time then look in here. You will also find sounds of children playing, sports, shouting etc.

Sub folder shots

21 x XS = Shots
Play sound! 0xs00007.mp3

This folder contains many gun sounds. Big guns, small guns, single pistol shots and machine guns. If you want guns, look in here!

Sub folder traffic

148 x TR = Traffic (Sound Effects)
Play sound! 0tr00063.mp3

The last folder in this category contains loads of sounds relating to traffic. Basically anything that goes forwards, backwards, up or down, planes, cars, motorbikes, they are all here. Try the sample above to hear the sound of a powerful engine being started.

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