Main folder atmos

56 x AT = Atmospheres
Play sound! 7at00001.mp3

Peacock screams, birds chirping and many other real sounds to enhance your New-Age music production.


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Main folder instrum

Sub folder element

57 NE = New Age Elements
Play sound! 7ne00015.mp3

Here you will find over 50 song components and sounds from the Far-East.

Sub folder loops

28 NL = New Age Lines
Play sound! 7nl10007.mp3

Further sounds from the Far-East.

Sub folder single

28 x FL = Flute
Play sound! 7fl0c050.mp3

32 NI = New Age Instruments
Play sound! 7ni0c030.mp3

And several more new age sounds of exotic instruments.


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Main folder percus

Sub folder perc_loo

102 PL = Percussion Loops
Play sound! 7pl40088.mp3

Here you will find more percussion loops and sounds from Asia, Africa, Latin-America and some rare instruments to really spice things up.

Sub folder perc_bre

43 PB = Percussion Breaks
Play sound! 7pb00023.mp3

Here are some Conga and Bongo loops with intros and endings which should go nicely with the sounds from the previous folder.

Sub folder perc_sam

151 PS = Percussion Samples
Play sound! 7ps00106.mp3

There are simply loads of percussion samples here.


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Main folder textures

85 TX = Textures
Play sound! 7tx00096.mp3

3D sounds and textures produced with the latest technology.


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Main folder vocals

Sub folder orig_voc

41 NV = New Age Vocals
Play sound! 7nv00001.mp3

In the following folders you will find over 150 exotic vocal samples.

Sub folder spoken_v

60 SW = Spoken words
Play sound! 7sw00065.mp3

Spoken words from the East.

Sub folder world_vc

72 NV = New Age Vocals
Play sound! 7nv00109.mp3

This last folder contains many rich vocal phrases from different cultures including African chanting.

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