Main folder clas_ele

64 x OE = Orchestra Elements
Play sound! 6oe5c006.mp3

This first folder includes numerous elements from the classical side of music, 2 and 4 bars long.


Main folder clas_voc

114 x CV = Classic Vocals
Play sound! 6cv5c12.mp3

More than 100 classical Vocal phrases from an opera singer.


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Main folder orc_full

12 x OC = Orchestra Chord
Play sound! 6oc01126.mp3

8 x OG = Orchestra Gliss
Play sound! 6og01079.mp3

21 x OH = Orchestra Hits
Play sound! 6oh04015.mp3

29 x OR = Orchestra Samples
Play sound! 6or0z053.mp3

70 unique takes from the Polish Orchestra. There are soft chords, fast glissandos all very nice.


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Main folder orc_inst

Sub folder brass

44 x FH = French Horn
Play sound! 6fh0c040.mp3

33 x TO = Trombone
Play sound! 6to0c018.mp3

49 x TP = Trumpet
Play sound! 6tp0y116.mp3

39 x TU = Tuba
Play sound! 6tu0y097.mp3

165 Brass samples of Tuba, Trumpet and Horn over several octaves.

Sub folder string

Sub folder string_s

43 x CE = Cello
Play sound! 6ce0a426.mp3

44 x DB = Double Bass
Play sound! 6db0c479.mp3

32 x HP = Harp
Play sound! 6hp0v538.mp3

37 x VA = Viola
Play sound! 6va0y387.mp3

53 x VI = Violins
Play sound! 6vi0a363.mp3

This folder contains over 200 high quality samples of classical stringed instruments. Cello, violin and viola in several octaves.

Sub folder vio_line

47 VN = Violin Lines
Play sound! 6vn0b339.mp3

A sub folder of the string category with melody lines and thrills of a solo violin.

Sub folder woodwind

38 BO = Basson
Play sound! 6bo0a218.mp3

42 CT = Clarinet
Play sound! 6ct0c286.mp3

46 FL = Flute
Play sound! 6fl0y171.mp3

33 OB = Oboe
Play sound! 6ob0c247.mp3

This last group is devoted to woodwind. Over 150 samples of Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon using several octaves.


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Main folder orc_perc

Sub folder perc_sam

114 OP = Orchestra Percussion
Play sound! 6op00140.mp3

Over 100 single percussion hits with instruments such as snare and kettle and also the little ones like castanets.

Sub folder perc_ele

32 OP = Orchestra Percussion
Play sound! 6op00005.mp3

To supplement the previous folder here are some longer samples.


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Main folder str_ens

8 SA = Strings Arpeggios
Play sound! 6sa01226.mp3

4 SO = Strings stacatto
Play sound! 6so0a164.mp3

17 SP = Strings pizzicatto
Play sound! 6sp0y117.mp3

21 SS = Strings spicatto
Play sound! 6ss0a156.mp3

4 ST = Strings tremolo
Play sound! 6st0a169.mp3

24 SU = Strings unisono
Play sound! 6su0c178.mp3

The last folder contains many really nice string ensemble chords in different styles such as staccato and spiccato.

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