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Main folder 100bpm

Sub folder bassline

Sub folder elecbass

67 x EB = E-Bass Lines
Play sound! 3eb4c050.mp3

These live E-Bass-guitar lines are mostly over 4 bars long. More can be found with 100 bpm on Volume 4 - Dance.

Sub folder synbass

30 x SB = Synbass Lines
Play sound! 3sb4c002.mp3

This second set of Bass-lines are of the Synth-Bass type.

Sub folder chords

121 x CH = Chords
Play sound! 3ch0a004.mp3

This folder contains over 100 samples of the famous Rhodes and other well known pianos. Matching melodies in the same sound are found in the following section: EP-lines.

Sub folder drumloop

Sub folder drumloop

391 x DL = Drum Loops
Play sound! 3dl40159.mp3

This folder contains nearly 400 samples of the same excellent quality as the rest of this library!

Sub folder drumfill

23 x DF = Drum Fill
Play sound! 3df40008.mp3

As a supplement to the last selection, here are some intros, endings, strop and breakbeats.

Sub folder elements

Sub folder ep_lines

210 x RL = Rhodes Lines
Play sound! 3rl4c143.mp3

Over 200 mono melody lines and short polyphonic chord lines in the typical fender sound are here.

Sub folder gtr_line

67 x GL = Guitar Licks
Play sound! 3gl4c0001.mp3

These funky guitar licks are just great and are mostly 4 to 8 bars long.

Sub folder raps

145 x MV = Male Vocals
Play sound! 3mv40065.mp3

This folder is filled with over 100 male rap vocals.

Sub folder sax_line

58 x SL = Saxophon Lines
Play sound! 3sl4c009.mp3

Short melody lines and saxophone licks.

Sub folder var_lines

70 x VL = Various Lines
Play sound! 3vl4c005.mp3

A collection of miscellaneous components for building your music.


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Main folder oneshots

Sub folder noises

43 x FX = misc. electronic FX
Play sound! 3fx00031.mp3

This folder contains a small collection of electronic sound effects. A much larger collection can be found on Volume 9 of this library.

Sub folder scratches

98 x SC = Scratches
Play sound! 3sc40044.mp3

This is what you have been looking for, no HipHop is any good without a decent scratch.

Sub folder slides

18 x BS = Bass Samples
Play sound! 3bs00006.mp3

These Bass slides are a supplement to the E-Bass lines also found on this Volume.

Sub folder vinyl

24 x RN = Vinyl
Play sound! 3rn00017.mp3

If your music requires something to make it sound old then look in here. You will find plenty of crackles, pops and hissing noises.

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