main folder misc_ins

sub folder drums

sub folder bd

151 x BD = Bass drum
pull up sound sample ! jbd00242.mp3

The first block among the "miscellaneous instruments" are the 673 drum and percussion samples, that were recorded partially on three different acoustic drum kits, are from drum computers and beat boxes or were programmed with soft and hardware synthesizers . The first folder contains about 150 different bass drum sounds. The sound example is from the "masterBEAT" Software Drum Computer.


sub folder cym

41 x CY = Cymbals
pull up sound sample ! jcy00037.mp3

Here you find a small selection of Ride, Crash and China Cymbals. Besides many new recordings  like the Cymbal Sample in our sound example you have here a bunch of sounds from the add-on-sets for the R8 drum computer.


sub folder hh

68 x HH = Hihats
pull up sound sample ! jhh00036.mp3

This group contains samples of closed and open Hihats and among them also some of the current drum machines like the X-base 09 and the Electribe R. By the way you can find the sounds of the analog cult beat boxes TR 808 and 909 and many others next to more than 1.000 other drum and percussion samples on the SOUNDCLIPS 12.000 - Volume 1.


sub folder perc

196 x PS = Percussion Samples
pull up sound sample ! jps00096.mp3

This section has about 200 percussion samples starting with classical nature instruments like the Kalimba, popular clap sounds and up to electronic percussion sounds, like the typical Kraftwerk sound in our example, which was produced with an Electribe R.


sub folder sn

125 x SN = Snare Drum
pull up sound sample ! jsn00057.mp3

In the section of snare drums you find a mix of acoustical, analog and electronic sounds, like the "high pitch" noise snare in our sound example.


sub folder tm

92 x TM = Toms
pull up sound sample ! jtm00043.mp3

The sixth and last group of the drum and percussion sounds are the toms. Among almost 100 samples you will find next to many natural toms, partially enhanced with spacial effects, also the analog knockers and the famous Simmons and E-Toms. In our sound example you can hear such a typical syn drum sound with decreasing pitch.

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sub folder gtr_bass

sub folder 1acoust

41 x BS = Bass Samples
pull up sound sample ! jbs0a112.mp3

The next big area are 344 samples from bass guitars in seven folders, starting with an acoustic bass, also called Upright Bass . These giant instruments with their unique sound (see example) and incredible height.


sub folder 2alembic

47 x BS = Bass Samples
pull up sound sample ! jbs0c230.mp3

After the acoustic bass follow now five E-Basses which sounds were played with different techniques like open, muted, picked or thumb and slap. In those five  or six fat strings of a bass is real power, depending if a string is played open or muted, the string is pulled gently with your finger or beaten up with hard thumb beats  , the result are completely different and independent sounds. When you design multisample setups you should therefore use at least two different sounds per key group, depending on the touch, to keep them "alive" .

The first candidate is the Alembic Spoiler model. The sound sample shows you a typical slap sound.


sub folder 3fretl

82 x BS = Bass Samples
pull up sound sample ! jbs0e350.mp3

The next E-Bass is the Pedulla Pentabuzz 5-string fretless, also a 5-string Bass guitar with a bundlefree neck, which produces the typical, singing "fretless sound".


sub folder 4k_smith

53 x BS = Bass Samples
pull up sound sample ! jbs0c448.mp3   pull up sound sample ! jbs00411.mp3

Also a 5-string is the Ken Smith 5-string model in this folder. The second sound sample, that sounds almost more like a scratch and less like a Bass guitar, is a finger noise. A sound that is audible when the guitarist changes hand positions. Those sounds that you recognize by the "0" in the pitch sector (fifth  digit of the file name) and see in every folder of this main section, you should incorporate occasionally into your bass runs since it makes your pieces come alive.


sub folder 5warwick

19 x BS = Bass Samples
pull up sound sample ! jbs0a515.mp3   pull up sound sample ! jbs00500.mp3

The Warwick Thumb delivers a nice "wiry" sound (example 1) in this folder. The same that we wrote in the previous paragraph about the finger noises goes also for the so called dead notes (example 2). We recommend this kind  of typical background noise in the upper keyboard area, which is usually not used with bass sounds. Assuming a respective play technique you can achieve a very authentic sound by adding these noises to your bass lines.


sub folder 6yam6str

62 x BS = Bass Samples
pull up sound sample ! jbs0b633.mp3   pull up sound sample ! jbs0e623.mp3

The Yamaha Patutucci 6-string model has one more string and carries the name of a great bass player. The examples demonstrate each an open and muted sound.


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sub folder gtr_elem

54 x GE = Guitar Elements
pull up sound sample ! jge6c001.mp3

This folder contains a collection of over 50 guitar licks and riffs for you. All elements are played at the tempo 130 bpm and cut exactly to a length of two beats. You can find additional choices of similar elements and other stiles on the CDs 2 to 5 of the 1st Volume of the SOUND CLIPS 12000.


sub folder gtr_gate

7 x GL = Guitar Licks
pull up sound sample ! jgl4c001.mp3

The last and very small group of Guitar sounds are some very unusual licks at tempo 100 bpm, that, like you can hear in the example, suggests very little relation to a guitar sound.


sub folder mallets

51 x XI = Mallets
pull up sound sample ! jxi0c206.mp3

Here you find about 50 multisamples of this kind starting with the Xylophone to the Vibraphone and Marimba to the Glockenspiel/carillon.


sub folder saxophon

sub folder alt

44 x SI = Saxophone Samples
pull up sound sample ! jsi0e140.mp3

Now comes another large block with 244 samples of different saxophone types that is broken down into six areas and starts with these 44 multisamples of the Alto saxophone.


sub folder baritone

32 x SI = Saxophone Samples
pull up sound sample ! jsi0g049.mp3

Similar to the group of Bass guitar samples, the different saxophone types were recorded with various play techniques. The sound in the previous folder was an unmodulated sound but this example chosen for the group of baritone saxophones is one with a slight Vibrato.


sub folder dub

33 x SI = Saxophone Samples
pull up sound sample ! jsi0g022.mp3

These about 30 files are mixed up sounds of different saxophone types which results in a kind of "Brass section" sound as you can hear in our example.


sub folder misc.

55 x SI = Saxophone Samples
pull up sound sample ! jsi00116.mp3

Here you have access to over 50 short riffs without set tempo, thrills as well as overtone and growl effects of different saxophone types.


sub folder soprano

40 x SI = Saxophone Samples
pull up sound sample ! jsi0e166.mp3

Another type with its own very unique sound is the soprano saxophone of which you will find 40 multisamples right here.


sub folder tenor

40 x SI = Saxophone Samples
pull up sound sample ! jsi0g089.mp3

The last one of course is the tenor saxophone with also 40 multisamples. Like in all the other previous saxophone groups we got here the so called short attacks. Those are, as you can see in our example, only quickly blown sounds without holding the sound.


sub folder synstax

35 x SY = Synthesizer Stack Sounds
pull up sound sample ! jsy0z257.mp3

These 35 Syn Stax are sounds that are produced from several keyboards at once and are then recorded stacked on top of each other.  Due to this layering technique you can of course achieve a very voluminous sound if done properly. The sample in our example file is a mix of a roaring sound, a touch of piano, a deep analog sound and a short loop of a synth choir.


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 main folder m_media

sub folder endless

sub folder frozen

70  x EW = Endless WAVs
pull up sound sample ! jew00100.WAV**   pull up sound sample ! jew00130.WAV**

The first group of these so called "endless WAVs" are technically unique among the following over 440 multimedia sounds and sound effects. With a technically very involved procedure that we will describe only very shortly, elements from the nature sounds were resynthesized and brought to a predefined file length of four seconds and then looped at the exact file ending and beginning (**because of slower CPUs needs to much decoding time, you will find the original WAV file instead of the mp3 sample!).

So much for the theory and practically the results are completely new sounds. In the above mentioned example we have literally "frozen" the sound of a church bell so that you can play this sound endlessly.

The second file is also a nice example for a sound design and with the help of the most modern technology we made of the naturally occurring noise of a harmless kitchen utensil a futuristic sound, that sounds like the engine room atmo of a starship.


sub folder cluster

84  x EW = Endless WAVs
pull up sound sample ! jew0a355.WAV**

What you can do with naturally occurring noises does also work for synthetic sound material. As done in the previous folder, we have here also partially frozen a sound and "straightened it out", only that these are wave forms of of various synthesizers. The result is also a sound without attack and release phase, that can be repeated endlessly without you having to define the loop points.

Since these sounds happen to have not a length of four seconds, which is equal to two beats at the tempo of 120 bpm, you can tie in these files repeatedly directly into your audio sequencer. As long as you don't change the tempo, you will not hear the beginning of the individual beats (**because of slower CPUs needs to much decoding time, you will find the original WAV file instead of the mp3 sample!).


sub folder short_fx

137  x SX = Synthetical Sound Effects
pull up sound sample ! isx00125.mp3  pull up sound sample ! isx00223.mp3

Here you have access to over 130 short sound effects that are perfect so called Zap noises and switch effects. Typical  usage would be i.e. as a sound that occurs at the click of a button or when switching a scene or a page in a video or as the background for a multimedia presentation.


 sub folder synth_fx

151  x SX = Synthetical Sound Effects
pull up sound sample ! isx00333.mp3

The same was applied to "long".  In the last folder of this library you will find over 150 sound effects, that were programmed with numerous soft and hardware synthesizers , that are mainly for the SciFi and Horror scene.  If you use these as stand alone FX or i.e. within intros or breaks, is up to your own imagination.

As a final word we want to make you again aware of the SOUND CLIPS 12.000 -  Volume I, the expanded Pro-Version of the renowned and awarded  Monsterpack. That's where you will find besides top sounds & loops also i.e. hundreds of 1st-class samples of a classical orchestra, over 2,000 vocal samples or also over 1,500 additional sound effects and multimedia sounds from Nature and Electronic as well as breathtaking 3-D sounds effects.


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We herewith make you aware, that the referenced names of software and equipment, names of firms or products, brand names etc. used on these pages are protected by trademark or patent laws.