main folder mello

sub folder choir

279 x MC = Mellotron Choir
pull up sound sample ! imc0a405.mp3

This CD is about the heavy weight keyboard legends starting with the Mellotron, the historical forerunner of all samplers today, in the main group. The first sub group of this 55 kg weighing giant is a unique collection of over 270 multisamples of legendary choir sounds, that are showing up in the charts again and again for 30 years now.


sub folder strings

174 x MS = Mellotron Strings
pull up sound sample ! ims0b106.mp3

The second group contains exclusively the known Mellotron string sounds.

Maybe you perceive these samples as "rattling on" or "warped", but that's exactly the charme and makes the mello sound unique. You always have to keep in mind the sound producing principle behind this keyboard, that is most probably older than you yourself. Instead of today's digitalized samples of an instrument, which are saved on a chip, every single sound and each pitch was recorded analog on a ca. 1.6 m long tape (with all the known problems of that technology), which was then played with each push of a key.

The then customary playing velocity of 19.5 cm per second explains that these sounds had a maximum length of eight seconds. At the end of some of the samples you will hear a noise that sounds like cutting out. That is the repeating sound that is typical for the Mellotron, when the recording head moves away from the tape, and we purposely did not remove that.


sub folder wood_bra

232 x MW = Mellotron Woodwind & Brass
pull up sound sample ! imw0e214.mp3

In the last folder of the Mellotron group you will find the sounds of the Woodwind and Brass "frames" (that's what you called the huge, hard to exchange sets of tape material for one sound). This is where you find the famous flute sound, that was used already by the Beatles in "Strawberry Fields forever". The list of bands, that used Mellotron sounds even later in the 70's for their albums would be like a "Who is Who" of rock history. Even in recent times you can find these sounds in the productions of i.e. XTC or Smashing Pumpkins.


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 main folder b3_organ

sub folder 0acc

32  x B3 = B3 Organ
pull up sound sample ! ib30f028.mp3

Another keyboard sound that has survived generations of rock and pop history is the electro magnetic organ sound, whose most prominent representative is the Hammond B3. All samples in this group were mainly recorded in half or full note steps with original equipment, which means with a B3 from the year 1947 and the C3 from 1954 as well as the Röhren-Leslie 760. The partially audible noise occurences could therefore be considered "historically meaningfull" :-)

In this as well as in the following seven folders you will find the recordings of respective multisamples of an organ sound, partially with Leslie effect at different velocities. For the organ expert we supply the respective drawbar setting (for this organ background sound here: 006750000/Percussion & Chorus OFF) - otherwise just listen to the sound samples!


sub folder 1church

25  x B3 = B3 Organ
pull up sound sample ! ib30d113.mp3

B3 church organ sound
drawbar 450800008/Percussion and Chorus OFF


sub folder 2full

98  x B3 = B3 Organ
pull up sound sample ! ib30b247.mp3

Full Organ Sound (all Zugriegel)
888888888/Percussion and Chorus OFF


 sub folder 3jazz1

98  x B3 = B3 Organ
pull up sound sample ! ib30c385.mp3

Jazz Organ 1
drawbar 8880000000/Percussion 2nd (soft)/Chorus C3 ON


 sub folder 4jazz2

49  x B3 = B3 Organ
pull up sound sample ! ib30f467.mp3

Jazz Organ 2
as before, but Percussion 3rd (normal)


 sub folder 5rock1

98  x B3 = B3 Organ
pull up sound sample ! ib30d551.mp3

Rock Organ 1
drawbar 786578000/Percussion OFF/Chorus C3 ON/Overdrive


 sub folder 6rock2

64  x B3 = B3 Organ
pull up sound sample ! ib30c632.mp3

Rock Organ 2
drawbar 788888654/Percussion OFF/Chorus C3 ON
+ Overdrive (Deep Purple says HI)


sub folder 7soft

25  x B3 = B3 Organ
pull up sound sample ! ib30v810.mp3

B3 Organ/soft dark organ sound
drawbar 404000348/Percussion OFF/Chorus OFF


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main folder piano

86 x PI = Piano Samples
pull up sound sample ! ipi0c108.mp3   pull up sound sample ! ipi0c206.mp3

And finally you have here a few typical piano sounds, starting with a Grand Piano (example 1) at two velocity levels for several typical DX-Pianos (example 2) up to CP70-, Rhodes and Wurlitzer kind of sounds.


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