sub folder bass

40 multisamples

FS  = FM Synthesizer
pull up sound sample ! hfs0c729.mp3

For all those that have been involved with keyboard instruments for a longer time, the two letters FM (for Frequency Modulation) will awake memories from the year 1983 and will remind them of the first encounters with the legendary DX-7. You will find on this CD and in this folder more than enough DX sounds from the special model DX-7II Centennial, but also equal amounts from the next generation, the SY series, starting with the beginner keyboard SY22 to the top model SY99.  And before anybody notices we tell you right away, that we cheated a little bit here : Since this CD is exclusively about sounds from synthesizers from Yamaha, we have added a few sounds from the fresh CS6x from the same company (see under bass sound example), even that the used AWM2 sound production is technically part of CD 7.


sub folder leads

73 multisamples

FS= FM Synthesizer
pull up sound sample ! hfs0d648.mp3

This folder contains over 70 lead sounds for solo and melody voices. The sound example is a synth brass sound from the SY77, that is pretty static free. That does unfortunately not apply any longer to the sounds of the first FM generation. Since we partially produced this with pretty old original equipment, please don't be annoyed by audible static and other noises, since they are part of the product.


sub folder misc.

238 multisamples

FS = FM Synthesizer
pull up sound sample ! hfs0c037.mp3  

The "miscellaneous" folder with over 230 samples happens to be the largest on this CD, which is mainly because the typical FM sounds are part of this group. "FM typical" are i.e. for once the bell-like E-Piano sounds (which are not here, but on CD 9 in the Piano group) and mainly sounds that often sound metallic in the front or have a roaring character und in the back somehow "modulate". Our sound example is part of that group.


sub folder pads

85 multisamples

FS = FM Synthesizer
pull up sound sample ! hfs0d626.mp3

In the group of spacial sounds you will find also only half as many multisamples as in the comparable synth sound folder of this library, which is because of the way the FM sound was produced. During this kind of synthesis a signal is modulated by another signal from very long to continuously, based on the used algorithm , there is "a lot of motion" in the release phase, which has to be preserved, but leads automatically  to long samples. Would we cut these or faze them out too early, you would have no chance to loop this sound properly. If you listen to the sample sound , you will notice that only after the primary attack phase has passed, approximately in the middle of the sample, in the true sustain phase the synth choir sound moves from the background to the front.


sub folder fx

102 multisamples

FS = FM Synthesizer
pull up sound sample ! hfs0c669.mp3

Just like in the folder with the same name on CD 7, you can expect about 100 FX sounds and sounds with strong modulations, that are available in several pitches and therefore facilitate the creation of Multi-Setups. Even if we have to seem repetitious: you will find pitch unrelated effect sounds like noise shots and the true SFX on CD 10. The sound in our example reminds strongly of the famous FM sound from the Synclavier, but it is from a Yamaha SY 99.


sub folder seq

71 Multisamples

FS = FM Synthesizer
pull up sound sample ! hfs0c735.mp3

The last group is again all about the typical sequencer and arpeggio sounds. Among those 70 samples are besides the typical sounds with an analog sound character and FM sounds also tunes that sound more like a sample layer. Our example shows you a popular sound that sounds like a mix of harp attack and percussive analog sounds.


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