sub folder bass

765 Multisamples

BS  = Bass Samples
pull up sound sample ! ebs2c365.mp3
AS = Analog Synthesizer
pull up sound sample ! easd199.mp3
VS = Vintage Synthesizer
pull up sound sample ! evs0c2c451.mp3
TB = TB 303 Special
pull up sound sample ! etb0f859.mp3

Here you find a huge selection of bass sounds from various Vintage Keyboards like i.e. the Roland Jupiter 8, MKS 70 and other Synths of the 70's, like the Moog Prodigy or the Oberheim-Xpander in the first sound sample. All of these Vintage sounds are exclusively recorded on the original equipment, which also includes the Wasp or the Oscar.

Other sounds were also created with newer equipment, like some of the typical "Moog"-Sounds were produced with SE 1 and other analog sounds with the KORG MS 2000 R, like the second sound sample .

The Code "VS" is a cover for synthesizer legends like the Prophet 5, Prophet VS or also the Microwave, like in our third example.

Among those far more than 700 sound files you will find the code "TB" which is also a special folder with 131 samples of the Roland TB 303 bass lines (sound sample 4) in three different tones and with various Hüllkurveneinstellungen.


sub folder leads

311 Multisamples

VS= Vintage Synthesizer
pull up sound sample ! evs0c320.mp3
AS = Analog Synthesizer
pull up sound sample ! eas0c147.mp3

This folder contains over 300 so called Lead-Sounds, also tunes that are especially well suited for solo melodies. Next to the already mentioned vintage synthesizers you will find here tunes from the Oberheim Matrix 12, Korg Polysix, Monopoly and Delta as well as the Kawai SX 350 and Teisco 60F.


sub folder misc

207 Multisamples

VS = Vintage Synthesizer
pull up sound sample ! evs0c140.mp3
AS = Analog Synthesizer
pull up sound sample ! eas0c153.mp3

In this group are over 200 Multisamples that can't be assigned to the groups like bass, leads, pads etc.. These are sounds with pitch changes in the attack phase, as you can hear in our second sound sample, or longer filter sweeps as with the Prophet-5 sound sample before.


sub folder pads

157 Multisamples

VS = Vintage Synthesizer
pull up sound sample ! evs0c223.mp3
VS = Vintage Synthesizer
pull up sound sample ! eas0c133.mp3

Here are over 150 multisamples of areal sounds that are mainly suited for background chords.  These are again tunes of various Vintage Synths like the legendary Prophet VS from the 1st sound sample.

Most of the sounds on this CD are available in several oktaves and per oktave two or four multisamples. When you put together multisample sets you are best guided by the last digit: Our second sound sample is in C and its last digit is 133. The next fitting sample would be the F#, which has the according last digit of 134 in the same sound group.  


sub folder seq

470 Multisamples

AS = Analog Synthesizer
pull up sound sample ! eas0c108.mp3
QS = Sequencer Sounds
pull up sound sample ! eqs0a141.mp3
VS = Vintage Synthesizer
pull up sound sample ! evs0c432.mp3

The last group of this CD are the so called sequencer sounds. These are mostly short sounds (the smallest sound has just about the size of 7 KBytes) with an emphasized attack phase and short release times. Among those 470 samples you find sounds of various synthesizers like the Korg MS 2000R (Example 1), the Roland Cult machines MC 202 and SH 101 (Example 2) or Waldorfs Microwave, as can be heard in the third sound sample.


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