CD 4  -  LOOPS & LINES 150 + 170 bpm


main folder 150 bpm

sub folder bass lines

43 x SB = Synthesizer Bass Lines
pull up sound sample ! dsb8a301.mp3

Over 40 bass lines that were recorded at 8 different pitches with several synthesizers. All elements are loopable and have a length of one or two bars.


sub folder chords

34 x CH = Chords
pull up sound sample ! dch8a065.mp3

This folder contains a small selection of synthetic areal sounds. On the contrary to the later following "gated chords", these pads are held chords with a length of one or four bars, like our sound sample.


sub folder drum loops

sub folder druml_a

238 x DL = Drum Loops
pull up sound sample ! ddl80093.mp3  pull up sound sample ! ddl80094.mp3  pull up sound sample ! ddl80096.mp3

The following is a large selection of a total of 361 drum loops and fills at the speed of 150 bpm, divided in "true" and "programmed" ones. The 238 files in this folder are "of the second kind" , that have been produced with several soft and hardware drum computers. These loops go also with the song kit theme, which means  that every base pattern is available in different variations, that can be combined without effort. Our sound sample consists of three combinable loops from the sectors drum & bass.


sub folder druml_b

106 x DL = Drum Loop
pull up sound sample ! ddl80862.mp3 

Unlike the patterns in the other folder these are a bit more than 100 of one, two or four bars long loops, that were recorded "manually" with three different "true" drum & bass drum kits .

sub folder druml_b

17 x DF = Drum Fills
pull up sound sample ! ddf80813.mp3 

This sub folder contains 17 matching fills, that were played on the same drum kits.


sub folder drum trax

sub folder bd

160 x D1 = Drum Trax/Bass Drum
pull up sound sample ! dd180102.mp3

The group of drum tracks you surely remember from the tempos 100, 120 and 130 bpm. So here you find 4 x 40 straight bass drum patterns at tempo 150 bpm. The sample pattern was created with the masterBEAT software drum computer (last digits 100).

sub folder sn

160 x D2 = Drum Trax/Snare
pull up sound sample ! dd280303.mp3

Here again 4 x 40 special solo drum patterns, according to the group D 2 but with the sound of the snare drum. This way you can copy drum kits of various beat boxes or can combine them as you wish, i.e. a bass drum pattern from a virtual drum computer, like in the previous sound sample, with a snare pattern of the analog cult beat box TR808 (last digits 300) as the sound sample of this folder.

sub folder hh

100 x D3 = Drum Trax/Hihats
pull up sound sample ! dd380115.mp3

This folder contains 4 x 25 pure hihat patterns for the combination with other drum trax patterns. The sound sample consists of a Combi-Pattern with a closed and an open hihat from the 100 bmp group (= masterBEAT Software-Drumcomputer). You can find a matrix with all patterns and a table of the drum kits on the separate DRUM TRAX PAGE.

sub folder vari

100 x D4 = Drum Trax/Various
pull up sound sample ! dd480112.mp3

In the "Various"-Group you can find a total of 100 matching solo patterns of various drum and percussion instruments. This can be "Groove-Beschleuniger" with acoustic and electronic percussion sounds, but also Crash Cymbal Hits or, which would be something special within this group , patterns with three  toms (hi/mid/low). The sound sample with the loop of a  pipe like E-Percussion sound is again one of Masterbits' software drum computer.


sub folder gated

21 x GH = Gated Chords
pull up sound sample ! dgh8c060.mp3

Here you find three different versions of the areal sounds, edited with the so called "Gater Effect", from the Chords folder higher up, at seven pitches and a length of four bars.


sub folder sq_line

70 x VL = Various Lines
pull up sound sample ! dvl8c200.mp3

The last folder of the 150 bpm group contains loopable sequencer lines and arpeggios with lengths of one and two bars.


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main folder 170 bpm

sub folder bass lines

68 x SB = Synthesizer Bass Lines
pull up sound sample ! dsb9a225.mp3

About 70 of one and more bars long bass synthesizer lines at 170 bpm. These song elements, available at seven different pitches , are also "hei▀geschnitten" and can therefore be used without any further editing as elements in the audio track of a sequencer, like i.e. the DATA BECKER Music Center 2.0 and many others, that accept the WAV Format.

sub folder chords

23 x GH = Gated Chords
pull up sound sample ! dgh9g034.mp3
15 x CH = Chords
pull up sound sample ! dch9g034.mp3

Here you find 32 held chords and gated chords (Example 1) at a length of four bars as well as six short chords (Example 2), which lengths are not set, so that these can be used in any spot and as many times as needed per bar.


 sub folder drum loops

sub folder druml_a

173 x DL = Drum Loops
pull up sound sample ! ddl90001.mp3  pull up sound sample ! ddl90003.mp3

Drum Loops at tempo 170 bpm - the emphesis is of course on drum & bass. Among the 173 programmed patterns you will also find hardcore techno beats and other high speed grooves. As in all drum loop folders, the base grooves are mainly available in several variations, which facilitates a combination to a complete song kit. Our example shows two elements of the D & B-Grooves.

sub folder druml_b

102 x DL = Drum Loops
pull up sound sample ! ddl90808.mp3 

During the programming of the loops of the previous folder on various hard and software drum computers, you will find here over 100 grooves, that were recorded live from three different D & B-Drum kits.

sub folder fills

15 x DF = Drum Fills
pull up sound sample ! ddf90804.mp3 

This sub folder consists of 15 complementing fills, that were played on the same three kits.


sub folder sq_ lines

49 x VL = Various Lines
pull up sound sample ! dvl9c900.mp3

The last loop folder of this library contains about 50 one and two bar  sequencer lines and arpeggios. At another location in this documentation we wrote, that you should not be presumptuous about the sounds based on the "small",  virtual analog synthesizern sizes. The Virus B Sequencer line in the above sample is at the same time also a nice example for it. Listen for yourself what kind of a drive this "small weight" can produce, and let yourself get infected by the virus !

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