CD 3  -  LOOPS & LINES 130 + 140 bpm


main folder 130 bpm

sub folder bass lines

87 x SB = Electronic Bass Lines
pull up sound sample ! csb6a215.mp3

Monophone Bass Synthesizer Lines at 130 bpm. All elements are loopable and have a length of one to four bars. Each of the twelve different bass figures are at pitches C to H.


sub folder chords

22 x CH = Chords
pull up sound sample ! cch6c011.mp3

This folder contains about 20 held C-Major chords with soft pad and choir sounds at a length of one or two bars. You can also use a chord of this 130 bpm group with one of another speed. At a speed of 120 bpm a loop that is one bar long would end already 154 milliseconds before the end of the bar, at a speed of 140 bpm the end of the chord would overlap with 132 milliseconds of the next bar - an effect that makes sense and can be used selectively.


sub folder drum loops

347 x DL = Drum Loop
pull up sound sample ! cdl60013.mp3  pull up sound sample ! cdl60015.mp3 

Here you have a large selection of almost 350 drum loops at 130 bpm in many current styles, of which many are available in several variations, which simplifies the making of a complete song.  By the way, all drum loops in this comprehensive library are cut heissgeschnitten, therefore loopable und can be inserted directly into audio sequencers.


sub folder drum trax

sub folder bd

240 x D1 = Drum Trax/Bass Drum
pull up sound sample ! cd160507.mp3

In the 130 group you have again access to single drum tracks for mixing and combination with other loops. In this folder you find 240 bass drum patterns that were recorded each with six different kicks. The sound sample with the last digit being 500 represents i.e. a bass drum pattern with one kick sound of the X-base 09.

sub folder sn

240 x D2 = Drum Trax/Snare
pull up sound sample ! cd260415.mp3

Here precisely the same: you find alltogether 6 x 40 matching snare drum patterns - in our sample sound with the last digits being 400 a "roaring" noise snare sound from the Electribe R. You can find an exact decoding of the sounds and patterns on the DRUM TRAX Page.

sub folder hh

150 x D3 = Drum Trax/Hihats
pull up sound sample ! cd360404.mp3

And here are already the matching patterns with open and closed Hihats. Our sample sound contains a loop of the Electribe R-group with an accentuated pattern of the closed hihat.

sub folder vari

150 x D4 = Drum Trax/Various
pull up sound sample ! cd460922.mp3

The fourth and last group of the drum trax contains, depending on the instrument, different percussion sounds, but also Crash and Ride-Cymbal patterns or Tom Breaks, like in our sample sound (last digit 900 = Simmons SDS 5).


sub folder gated

28 x GH = Gated Chords
pull up sound sample ! cgh6f124.mp3

Here you find 28 areal sounds at eight different pitches, that have been edited with the popular Gater Effect.


sub folder sq_lines

84 x VL = Various Lines
pull up sound sample ! cvl6a325.mp3

The last folder of the 130 bpm group contains mono and polyphone synth lines and hooks with lengths of one or two bars. The loop in our sound sample was played with the typical Pizzicato-Sound.


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main folder 140 bpm

sub folder bass lines

57 x SB = Electronic Bass Lines
pull up sound sample ! csb7d221.mp3

Over 50 monophone Bass Synthesizer Lines at 150 bpm, eight pitches and with lengths of one, two or four bars.


sub folder chords

30 x CH = Chords
pull up sound sample ! cch7d011.mp3

You find here 30 chords with synth pads and stacks,  from short, one beat sounds to sweeps over eight beats long.


 sub folder drum loop

248 x DL = Drum Loops
pull up sound sample ! cdl70087.mp3  pull up sound sample ! cdl70088.mp3

The Drum Loop folder at 140 bpm doesn't offer just a collection of single loops, but whole sets with main beats, breaks (see sample sound) etc. for each theme. The spectrum of the about 250 loops goes from straight, dance floor usable loops, like in our example, to trashy and underground grooves. 


sub folder gated

16 x GH = Gated Chords
pull up sound sample ! cgh7a015.mp3

Small collection of 140s "gated chords" (cut up chords) from C to C with lengths of one to two bars.


sub folder sq_lines

45 x VL = Various Lines
pull up sound sample ! cvl7c226.mp3

The last folder of this CD contains 45 Sequencer lines from melodic to askew at pitches like C-Major and lengths between one and four bars. And also these are, like all other lines of this library exactly cut to the respective speed "hei▀geschnitten", so that these files can be inserted into your audio sequencer right away.

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