CD 2   -  LOOPS & LINES 120 bpm



sub folder bass lines

107 x SB = Synthesizer Bass Lines
Pull up sound sample ! bsb5a265.mp3

Here consist your choices of far more than 100 Synth bass lines, mainly each in seven pitches and at different lengths ranging from one to four bars.


sub folder chords

48 x CH = Chords
Pull up sound sample ! bch5a075.mp3

This folder contains 48 chords with different voicings in C-Major and at lengths of one and two bars.


sub folder drum loops

479 x DL = Drum Loops
Pull up sound sample ! bdl50000.mp3  Pull up sound sample ! bdl50014.mp3

This block of sounds with 479 loops is the core part of this volume. This is where you find drum loops in several variations (see sound sample), that can be combined effortlessly to make a complete song kit. The spectrum goes from House and Dance to Big Beat and Electronic. Give yourself enough time for this folder!


sub folder drum trax

      unterster Ebene bd

200 x D1 = Drum Trax/Bass Drum
Pull up sound sample ! bd150203.mp3

You have five groups here with each 40 bass drum tracks. An overview of the used drum or better beatbox kits and a matrix of the used patterns can be found on the separate DRUM TRAX Page.

sub folder sn

200 x D2 = Drum Trax/Snare
Pull up sound sample ! bd250315.mp3

This folder contains the same five sound groups (i.e. last digits 200 = TR 909, last digits 700 = Vermona DRM, etc.), but here exclusively with snare drum patterns.

sub folder hh

125 x D3 = Drum Trax/Hihats
Pull up sound sample ! bd350201.mp3

The third drum trax folder (D3) at the speed of 100 bpm contains 5 x 25 sound files with matching Hihat Patterns. By the way, you can also combine "maschinen-übergreifend", i.e. combine Hihat Patterns with the last digits being 600 (Roland CR 78) with Snare tracks of the group with the last digits being 300 (Roland TR 808).

sub folder vari

125 x D4 = Drum Trax/Various
Pull up sound sample ! bd450212.mp3

In the group "Various" (D4) you can find over 100 very different patterns with various percussion instruments. Together with the tracks of the three previous folders, you can produce thousands of new and always alternating grooves.


sub folder gated

121 x GH = Gated Chords
Pull up sound sample ! bgh5a185.mp3

Here you find a collection of over 120 so called "Gated Chords", which are "rhythm infected" chords, at seven different pitches in C-Major and a length of one or two bars.


sub folder sq-lines

86 x VL = Various Lines
Pull up sound sample ! bvl5a315.mp3

The last folder contains over 80 one, two and four bars long Arpeggios and Sequencer Lines in C-Major at 120 bpm.

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