Soundbrowser Screenshot (german version)

with Groove Check window


For PC users there is an additional 3D-window available. The left half contains a search engine with various sound search functions. The preselected sounds from the left can then be dragged and dropped in the right part of the window and listened to. The Groove-Check-Window allows it even to play up to 4 WAV files simultaneously. This way you quickly get your first impression, how the selected sounds and loops sound together. And they can be copied by simply dragging the sound files into a directory of your choice.

This program is located on CD "A".

  Pointers for experienced PC music producers and MAC Users

Unfortunately this special window is not available to MAC users who will have to and can explore this comprehensive library the usual way. The choice of word can is based on the fact that we believe the music experienced PC user should explore this large amount of sounds "by hand".

In many cases the selection thru the browser is the simpler and faster method. But this helpful tool can also be a trap, because by setting the search parameters in advance you possibly initiate a pre-selection of sounds that wasn't intended that way. You know very well that the borders between the many different areas of music overlap, and who says that i.e. a "super dry Kick", that would be in the category "TECHNO" isn't exactly that bass drum that I was looking for for my current DANCE production?

Similar things apply to the Groove Check part. There is possibly not a simpler and faster way to quickly select and try out several samples together. That works great and offers a fast and helpful tool but also has its limits. Logically the "offbeat elements" for example, sound totally off in the groove check since the sample start point is always fixed on "ONE".

Therefore our conclusion is: the sound browser is a nice tool (that most of the sound libraries lack) in 3-D with quick functions that offer lots of goodies especially to the music novice. Experienced music producers should sometimes go beyond the search engine and the groove check to fully take advantage of the potential of this sound library.


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