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MASTERBEAT 2.0 - Professional Groove-Composer


masterBEAT 2.0 / Cover
masterBEAT 2.0
A professional Software Drum machine as an 16-channel Matrix- / Step-Sequenzer incl. VST™-Plugin Support (see image above) and resonance capable filters per track, memmorizable filter/EQ settings etc., extensive Shuffle-Functions and many other features for the ultimate groove ! - Includes large Sound-Library for the professional with the  sounds of all the cult machines and drum kits of the top drummer Charlie Morgan (Tina Turner,  Brian Adams, etc.)

masterBEAT Software 2.1 (Windows 95/98, XP, NT)
incl. Basic-Sound-Library (500 WAV-Files)
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only 39,95 Euro
(DM 78,14 / approx. USD 36 / GBP 25)

masterBEAT PRO-Library (WAV-Format)
3900 high class Soundfiles

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only 39,95 Euro
(DM 78,14/ approx. USD 36 / GBP 25)

masterBEAT Bundle
both CD Roms as a set
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(DM 117,25
/ approx. USD 55 / GBP 38)

MASTERBEAT 2.1™ is a true 32-Bit-Application, that is easy on your resources und supports MME- and Direct-X-Drivers. Depending on the processor type, besides the various On-board Editing features, you can also implement directly several VST™-Plug-ins per beat, which opens possibilities for Groove-Design, that were previously never available !


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The main window appears in the classic "16 Step LED Optik". The clear 8-Track-Matrix gives you at all times a visual overview of the complete  beat. That's how you can quickly try out your own ideas and the new version now comes with 8 extra tracks. The parameters on the left side of the screen change automatically to the values of the chosen track.


masterBEAT / Track (16)

Each individual one of the 16 tracks enables you to activate a sound in the 4x4 scheme, as you are maybe used to it from the classic drum computers.

Each individual sound can easily be exchanged.  Via the Click on the "Library-Folder" you have direct access to about 1000  high class sounds of the clearly arranged "On Board-Library". But you can also directly include each of your own sounds in WAV-format (44,1 KHz/16bit / mono or stereo). Besides that you have the abibility to exchange complete drum kits simply by pushing a button.

Next to the visual display you have access to accustic control functions like MUTE and SOLO, as you may be used to from mixers, located at the end of each track through the push of a button.


The tracks can be switched as needed from 16 to 32 steps (s. Img. / upper portion). And the switching option of the tracks to a visual bar graph (s. Img. / lower portion) is extremely valuable! This special option is available to you even in 6-fold per track and that for:

  • Volume
  • Pan
  • Distortion
  • Cutoff
  • Resonance
  • Decay
masterBEAT / Track (32) + Bar grafik

This is for example how you can program a dynamic snare break within seconds with the mouse button held down, draw a Pan setting, set time sensitive filter movements, total control of the sounds up to self oscillation or input the most detailed nuances "on the fly". All values are transferred "per step" into the pattern or better into the song.

Pitch Editor

For the comfortable input of pitch, i.e. for tuned drums  or also  for bass lines, you have  per track an additional switch option to the  PITCH EDITOR.

masterBEAT / Pitch Editor

On this level you have also access to an extensive Shuffle-Function with Pre-Delay respectively laid back as well as an adjustable Humanize-Function.



Besides the previously described options per step you have per track access to a respective  Global-Parameter-Field, that reminds you very much of the channel of a mixer, but that exceeds the extent of its normal functions by far. For each track you can save seperately and use the following parameters:

masterBEAT / Global Track Parameter
  • Volume
  • Panorama
  • Pitch (+/- 12 half tones)
  • Distortion (level- & threshold parameters)
  • Decay
  • Delay-Unit (level, feedback, pan, steps)
  • Ping-Pong-Delay
  • Sample Reverse-Function
  • VST™-Plugin (on/off)
  • Gain (only for EQ)
  • Frequency
  • Q / Resonance

  • EQ, LF, HF (switch)
  • Filter/EQ-Bypass


MASTERBEAT 2.0™ offers you multiple interfaces to the outside world and can be integrated easily into the setup of your existing equipment.

through MIDI:

through WAV:



review from MEMI 6/2000:

" masterBEAT has convinced me. It is easy to use and has many useful features – one all-in-one solution, that combines the fun you have putting together grooves and the practically unlimited sound spectrum of a sample player. With that, you receive a truly good sample library with up-to-date sound material…

masterBEAT worked absolutely recommendably. ... great timing. The 2000th beat comes equally precise as the first.

... a very well done creative machine, that really brings a lot of fun, especially because the sample library is well stocked.  And all that for an extremely fair price of $39.95.  For another $39.95*** your can get another Sample CD called "Pro Library", same quality, filled to the rim with 3900 samples. Good work, MasterBits!"   ***Note: the bundle price for both products together is only aporox. $ 55.00!


review from SOUND & VISION 5/2000

"masterBEAT costs simply $39.95 and is therefore unbelievably inexpensive, especially when you consider the performance possibilities and the professionalism which which this program was made.

masterBEAT is defintely a valuable purchase with which you can master almost any task in a production. Truly recommendable."


masterBEAT PRO Library 3900 MASTERBEAT 2.1™ has, as you probably expect it from MASTERBITS, a very high class Sound-Library. Already at the Software CD Rom you will find a Basic Library with over 500 sounds.

The Add-on-CD Rom "PRO Library 3900" consists of 3.900 Drum-, Percussion and Bass-Sounds. With a price of only 39.95 Euro this CD is also a great deal for those, who are not interested in the PC software, because these Soundfiles in WAV format can be used with almost every Sampler or Sequenzer-Software. This great collection saves you the purchase of some other Sampling-CDs and offers you an extensive basis for a creative Groove-Design of diverse styles - from HARDCORE to WORLD-PERCUSSION.

Of course this library includes countless sounds and ready to use sets of the classical Analog-Beatboxes. Besides the legendary ROLAND Machines (TR 606 / 808 / 909, CR-78) you also find sound material of countless other drum machine classics (i. e. RY-30, R8, Procussion) up to exotics like the Vermona DR.  Various sound processors were used for the production of additional odd Percussion-Sounds, from Vintage-Legends like the SIMMONS-Modules to the virtual WAVE-DRUM by KORG or itīs brandnew ELECTRIBE, just to name a few. Other innovative sounds were made with large-scale Synthesizer-Patches (i. e. VL, Nordlead, XT), other sounds were designed by computer. Therefore you have already from the start a very colorful range of sounds available to you, which you can of course manipulate with the many editing tools of the  MASTERBEAT 2.1™.

Charlie Morgan Besides the previously mentioned "synthetic" sounds you will also find extremely high class material in the area of Acoustic Drums and Natural Percussion, i.e.  World Class Drumkits produced by the "Drum-Dream-Team" Charlie Morgan and Steve Allan, that is responsible for the legendary Masterdrum-Series,  that   still sets the standard in the professional field. Charlie Morgan has been considered for years the world class of Studio-Drummers and can be heard in productions of stars like Elton John, Tina Turner, Go West, Kate Bush, George Michael, Matt Bianco, Chris De Burgh, Gary Moore and Pete Townshend and many more.

You will find more new acoustic recordings like a selction of sounds of 3 different Drum īnī Bass Kits as well as a great world percussion library with sounds from Asia to Afro and Latin. Also, there are many unique Orchestra Percussion Samples like Timpanies, Big Cymbals, Ludwig Orchestra Snares, Triangle and more.

In the field of BASS you get 180 Sounds (Basic-on-board Library) or more than 1300 Soundfiles with the PRO-Library. Besides of a special section with numerous sounds of the classic TB-303 Bassline you will find a great selection of Synthesizer Basses from vinatage to brand new releases. Further there is a collection of fine Bass Guitar Samples including Ken Smith, Warwick Thumb and others - up to recordings from an upright acoustic bass.

This library is rounded off by a selection of Special Sound Effects, Scratches, Vocal-Percussion and some other Sound-Highlights.

"This is a very good selection of samples organized by theme on a CD-ROM, that can be expanded by the purchase of the "Pro Library" by another 3900 samples. The quality of the material is good through and through.

The drum sounds are fresh and modern, the die awfully stretched 808 and 909 samples are kept to a nice minimum. Instead, you get a large selection of up-to-date sounds from acoustical to electronic, which come in really handy. The warped effect sounds are also nicely limited, and substituted by a large size percussion library. I have seen and heard much worse organized drum libraries before.  With these basic elements, really everybody should know what to do with. Besides the elaborate drum section, you can find tonal (mainly bass oriented) samples of good quality, as well as vocal samples and a few drum loops. This selection can be expanded by the purchase of the optional "Pro Library". There is for example a good selection of really great bass samples, that cover quite a range"

from MEMI

sound idex / masterBEAT Libraries Just click on the list symbol, to open an detailed INDEX of the Basic- and of the PRO-Library.



In spite of the simple (but very efficient) operation, the program has documentation in HTML-Format in German and in English. These Help-Files display the individual functions and options in a simple and understandable way, mainly in form of practical examples of operation. The installation of the program itself is very easy and is automatic upon the click on the appropriate icon.


FREE DEMO ! Here is a free Demo version (ZIP 1978 KB) von masterBEAT 2.1  - check it out ! - Because of the filesize, this version only includes a handful of samples. Also, all export- and streaming options are blocked on this demo version - but all other optiond work pretty fine. 


masterBEAT is of course primarily made for the production of Drum- & Percussion-Loops and Basslines. However, itīs "not forbidden" to trigger other WAV files like Chords, Licks, Vocals etc. too and to use masterBEAT as a stand-alone "Song-Machine".

Demosong 1 aufrufen ! Following please find a small demostration for this in MP3 format.
HOUSE MIND II *- dur. 1:35 min.
is one of the 10 demosongs, made only with the onboard-options of the 8 track version - no plugins used.
MP3 / 44,1KHz/stereo - 1497 KB  or
a s masterBEAT MBB-File - 664 KB


FREE UPDATE ! Here is a free update masterBEAT 2.16c (173 KB) for you. Simply exchange the existing file on your PC with the new version of the "masterbeat.exe" file.


Here is more for free - even for all thoose, who donīt posess the program yet. In the following table you will find some Loops as WAV files, which were created with the 8-track version of masterBEAT (w/o Plugins), for a free download. In the right column you will find the same files in the smaller MP3-format.


Title BPM WAV / KB MP3 / KB
F-Dance I 120 345 KB 32 KB
F-Dance II 120 345 KB 32 KB
Cricket Break 120 345 KB 32 KB
No more 100 414 KB 46 KB
Street move 120 345 KB 32 KB
Happy House 120 345 KB 32 KB
Nervous Rave 150 276 KB 22 KB
Old way 120 345 KB 32 KB
Warehouse 130 319 KB 29 KB
Slow machine 120 345 KB 32 KB
Tri-Beat 170 244 KB 22 KB
--- more ---
- coming soon -

Please find more Audio demonstrations in the following MBB section:


masterBEAT users will always find some reinforcements right here. All new MPP files (masterBEAT-bundles = Sound-, Kit- & Songdata) are compressed to ZIPs and are available for free.

In the right column are also all songs available in Audio format. With these short MP3 files you can get an  impression how it sounds in an arranged pattern / song. 

Title of the bundles mbb.Files as Zip / KB Audio MP3 File (duration)
Voltage Train 1613 KB 1824 KB   (1:53 min.)
Tribute to K. K. 736 KB 375 KB (0:23 min.)
Afro-Dance 166 KB 432 KB (0:27 min.)
FM-Mania i. K. i. K.




Soundclips 12.000 / Vol. 1 and 2

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