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Euro01 = Short Atmospheres (47 Files)

Euro02 = City Sounds (7 Files)

Euro03 = Outdoors (13 Files)

Euro04 = Traffic (3 Files)

Euro05 = Construction & Industrial Sounds (6 Files)

Euro06 = People Outdoors (9 Files)

Euro07 = People Indoors (5 Files)

Euro08 = Traffic 2 (8 Files)

Euro09 = Country (7 Files)

Euro10 = General Ambience,Long Atmospheres (3 Files)

Euro11 = Vehicles, Various Citys (44 Files)

Euro12 = Air Travel (6 Files)

Euro13 = Natural Forces & Animals (23 Files)

Euro14 = People inside & Sports (11 Files)

Euro15 = Work, Shots (42 Files)



Euro0101 MZ250 starts

Euro0102 Suzuki SXR1100 starts

Euro0103 Suzuki SXR1100 slowly from L to R

Euro0104 Honda CBR1000, apply throttle, do a doughnut

Euro0105 Honda CBR1000, start, apply throttle twice

Euro0106 Honda CBR1000, racing start, fast (L>R)

Euro0107 Kawasaki Z-200, trying to start (Eletric), doesn't start

Euro0108 Kawasaki Z-200 Motor bike kick-stand

Euro0109 Kawasaki Z-200 Motor runs rough

Euro0110 Yamaha RD350, trying to start, turn it off

Euro0111 Yamaha V-MAX, starting inside garage, turn it off

Euro0112 Kawasaki GPZ 1000 Electric starts

Euro0113 Kawasaki GPZ 1000, Electric start, apply the throttle

Euro0114 Kawasaki 650, on the road, drives to the left

Euro0115 Kawasaki 650, on the road, drives from R>L

Euro0116 Yamaha XV 500, drives L>R, stops

Euro0117 Yamaha XV 500, drives from R>L

Euro0118 Opel Kadett, Bj.77, start, push gas pedal

Euro0119 Ford Mustang, start and driving away

Euro0120 Motor Cross bike passes by

Euro0121 Motor bikes pass by fast

Euro0122 a few people in the stadium

Euro0123 „Auhh", applause

Euro0124 „Ohhh", applause

Euro0125 whistling, applause

Euro0126 „Hooh", applause (6000 people)

Euro0127 scream, applause (10000 people)

Euro0128 foot steps on wooden floor

Euro0129 foot steps, large hall, up the stairs

Euro0130 foot steps, large hall, down the stairs

Euro0131 foot steps, large hall

Euro0132 Running in underground passage way, R>L

Euro0133 Running in underground passage way, L>R

Euro0134 foot steps on the asphalt

Euro0135 up the stairs, on stone

Euro0136 on wooden floor with high heels

Euro0137 on wooden floor, inside a room

Euro0138 car, screatching metal

Euro0139 Automobile, stuntman show

Euro0140 kitchen, filling glass of water, putting it down

Euro0141 turn on mixer, make whipping cream

Euro0142 make whipping cream, turn off mixer

Euro0143 attempts to light gas stove

Euro0144 emptying of pots and pan

Euro0145 sink, china

Euro0146 electric rasor

Euro0147 turn on hair dryer and move it around


Euro0201 walkway at the harbor, motor boat passes by, people

Euro0202 airport ticketing area, general atmosphere

Euro0203 foot steps, from parking garage to escalator

Euro0204 foot steps in stairway (voices in the background)

Euro0205 runway, airplane starts it's engines

Euro0206 gong, announcement at train station

Euro0207 people, train is leaving


Euro0301 horse race, horse arrives at finish line

Euro0302 „Get on please, next ride coming up""

Euro0303 fair ground talk, „the greatest ride"

Euro0304 fair ground, „20 meters upside down, watch out"

Euro0305 fair ground „Contrived madness"

Euro0306 fair ground, „And here we go.."

Euro0307 „Secure your keys and change"

Euro0308 guy selling raffle tickets

Euro0309 „You wanna go again?"

Euro0310 „Being part of it, let's go friends"

Euro0311 Fireworks

Euro0312 Swimming pool

Euro0313 Swimming pool


Euro0401 fire station

Euro0402 cars, car horn

Euro0403 country road, general atmosphere


Euro0501 road construction site

Euro0502 lawn mower, small tractor

Euro0503 car repair shop, counter balance

Euro0504 counting machine for bottles

Euro0505 welding machine

Euro0506 metal processing


Euro0601 Soccer, general atmosphere, singing fans

Euro0602 applause, soccer

Euro0603 kettle drum, applause

Euro0604 soccer, people leaving the stadium

Euro0605 track & field, final, announcement, applause

Euro0606 people, a few steps to the beer booth

Euro0607 people, a few steps from the beer booth

Euro0608 people at the bar drinking champagne

Euro0609 bar, general atmosphere


Euro0701 supermarket, general atmosphere

Euro0702 supermarket, register, shopping cart

Euro0703 small hall, 20 people

Euro0704 restaurant at lunch time

Euro0705 hall with 90 people


Euro0801 country road in the rain, truck L>R

Euro0802 in the rain, truck and car L>R

Euro0803 in the rain, van L>R, car L>R

Euro0804 in the rain, car from L>R

Euro0805 in the rain, truck L>R

Euro0806 car starts, drives from R>L

Euro0807 cars in the rain exciting a tunnel

Euro0808 Automobile test bench, push gas pedal, break


Euro0901 inside pigsty

Euro0902 cows inside cowshed

Euro0903 sheep in the meadow

Euro0904 barking dogs in the kennel

Euro0905 railroad, freight train passes by

Euro0907 Summer night, birds, flies, combine in the background


Euro1001 New Years, rockets, fire works, light traffic

Euro1002 strong winds

Euro1003 water, small creek


Euro1101 cable car in Berlin, people, announcement

Euro1102 Subway, „Enter Please"

Euro1103 ticket validator

Euro1104 cable car stops

Euro1105 train ride, train door

Euro1106 inside a car, sun roof closed

Euro1107 gear shift

Euro1108 putting seat belt on

Euro1109 direction indicator / compass

Euro1110 breaking, car on asphalt 1

Euro1111 breaking, car on asphalt 2

Euro1112 breaking, car on asphalt 3

Euro1113 breaking, car on asphalt 4

Euro1114 breaking, car on sand

Euro1115 racing start on sand, breaking

Euro1116 backing up, breaking

Euro1117 breaking, Trabant 601

Euro1118 racing start on gravel

Euro1119 backing up a car

Euro1120 start and rapid take off

Euro1121 maneuvering, turning off

Euro1122 backing up on asphalt

Euro1123 backing up into a parking spot, turning off

Euro1124 slowly from a drive way into the street

Euro1125 close door #1

Euro1126 close door #2

Euro1127 close door #3

Euro1128 open and close door #1

Euro1129 open door

Euro1130 close door #4

Euro1131 open and close door #2

Euro1132 truck, manual break

Euro1133 unlock the tailboard

Euro1134 raising of hydraulic lift of the truck

Euro1135 side board of a truck

Euro1136 truck door thru which you load

Euro1137 horn of a car sounded twice #1

Euro1138 horn of a car sounded once, long #1

Euro1139 horn of a car sounded once, long #2

Euro1140 horn of a car sounded twice #2

Euro1141 horn of a car sounded twice #3

Euro1142 shifting error, transmission #1

Euro1143 shifting error, transmission #2


Euro1201 helicopter, Bell UH-1D, start

Euro1202 Bell UH-1D landing approach

Euro1203 turbo prop starting engine

Euro1204 airplane, announcement from captain

Euro1205 Airplane, announcement of flight attendant (German)

Euro1206 Airplane, announcement of flight attendant (English)


Euro1301 thunder, strong hit

Euro1302 geese in the meadow

Euro1303 pigs, grunting and squeaking

Euro1304 horses in stable, neighing

Euro1305 Wiehern, Schnauben / horses in stable, neighing, snorting

Euro1306 donkey in the meadow

Euro1307 cat meow #1

Euro1308 cat meow #2

Euro1309 cat meow #3

Euro1310 cat meow #4

Euro1311 sheepdog , barking #1

Euro1312 sheepdog , barking #2

Euro1313 sheepdog , barking #3

Euro1314 sheepdog , barking #4

Euro1315 sheepdog , barking #5

Euro1316 sheepdog , barking #6

Euro1317 cocker spaniel, jumps, howls

Euro1318 cocker spaniel howls

Euro1319 cocker spaniel, barks, howls

Euro1320 billy goat bleats

Euro1321 billy goat screams

Euro1322 sheep in the meadow

Euro1323 sheep, baa baa


Euro1401 applause, theater, audience of 400

Euro1402 inside theater, audience of 200, hesitant

Euro1403 small hall, knocking, clapping, 20 people

Euro1404 clapping, 40 people

Euro1405 clapping and knocking, 40 people

Euro1406 large hall, long applause, 700 people

Euro1407 large hall, short applause, 40 people

Euro1408 whistling, disgruntled female audience

Euro1409 Yeah, yelling, clapping

Euro1410 tennis, match, covered courts

Euro1411 tennis, serve


Euro1501 telephone, ringing

Euro1502 rotary telephone

Euro1503 telephone, busy signal

Euro1504 dial tone, internal busy signal

Euro1505 dial tone

Euro1506 person you talked to hung up

Euro1507 International call, no connection

Euro1508 International call, busy signal

Euro1509 International call, dial tone

Euro1510 International call, signal is pulsating

Euro1511 England, wrong number, try again

Euro1512 Italy, wrong number, try again

Euro1513 Germany, wrong number, try again

Euro1514 Information, please hold…

Euro1515 fax signal

Euro1516 fax machine, tear off the paper


Euro1528 tone dialing, telephone #'s 0-9

Euro1529 PC, loading of a floppy disk

Euro1530 writing on a keyboard

Euro1531 PC, dot matrix printer

Euro1532 loading a repeater

Euro1533 revolver, several shots

Euro1534 MP, 2 shots fired

Euro1535 MP, exchange of shots

Euro1536 Walter P7, shots are fired

Euro1537 sledge hammer on cobblestones

Euro1538 compass saw, sawing

Euro1539 electric screwdriver, screwing into wood

Euro1540 wood splits

Euro1541 tearing up paper

Euro1542 bells, ringing at lunch time


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