Inspiration Series
ROLAND JD800/990 Soundlisting

Nr. Volume 6
Dancesation 1
Volume 7
Dancesation 2
Volume 8
Trance & Textures
11 Saw Bass Mega Lead Super Juno
12 Square Bass Ultimate Lead Fairlight III
13 Dry Bass Dark Rave Eternity
14 SynBass 1 Fat Lead Cosmo Sweep
15 SynBass 2 Hard Core FM Bell Pad
16 Techno Bass Fat Rave Fairlight Vox
17 Deep Reso Bass Hard Core II ABYSS
18 Moogy Bass Attention Choralysen
21 S/H Pad Fat Dance Lead Piano Pad *1
22 Mystic Pad Reso Wave Piano Pad *2
23 Soft Strings Dark Sweep Guitar Pad
24 Raising Pad Techno Vox Harp Pad
25 Bright Strings Sharp Lead Percussion Pad
26 Phased Pad Technotron Synchoral
27 Tiny Pad Phase Expirience Soft Synth
28 Fantasy Vox Pad ATB Space Pad Cyberspace
31 House Organ Reso Vox Arp 2500 Synth
32 Candy Piano Fat Lead II Syn Zither
33 Woody F/X Bonzai Wellensog
34 Fat Quient Hard Core IV Swotileg
35 Oriental Game Beep Flight Feeling
36 Synth E-Piano Synth Lead I Klangstudie
37 Wire 1 Synth Lead II XYRI Vox
38 Wire 2 Hard Core III Vocal S/H
41 Wind Sweeper XXL-Pad Pure Harp
42 Deep Sweep High Vox Esynop
43 Saw Sweep Fat Choir Fremde Klšnge
44 Wind Chime Sweeping Pad Dumpf Pad
45 VOX Choir Soft Pad Asyptolan
46 Stormy Wind Deep Pad Pschodelig
47 Soft Synth Wind Lead Tiefe Weiten
48 Simple E-Gtr. Fabulous Pad ARS Electronica
51 Breath Lead Dance Bass Laservicion
52 Mixed Lead Raw Bass Wellenflug
53 Pulse Lead Ultra Deep Bass Saturn
54 Synth Lead ELP Bass Synesis
55 Dance Lead Analog Bass Glasperlen 2
56 Distr. Lead Raw Bass II Drop Seq.
57 Saw Synth Analog Bass II Vozynol
58 Dance Lead 2 Glide Bass Klanggebilde
61 Rave 1 Dance GTR Seq. Ewige Verbannung
62 Rave 2 Organ Chord Blumogen
63 Quint Wave MKS-20 Piano Resotylen
64 303 vs. 800 R-peggio Schweben
65 Wet Synth Mystic Reverse Syn
66 Heavey Sweeper LFO fun Magnetics
67 Percussion Alptraum Ocean Hall
68 Out of space Zuwok Dreams
71 Reso Saw 1 Beam me up Synthesizer 1
72 Reso Saw 2 Up & Down Moving Syn
73 Reso Synth Distored Noise Vergangenheit
74 Dangerous Confusion Harmonie
75 Heavy Lead Space Crash Wavesequenzing
76 Phased Cowbell Atomar Quanite Galaxie
77 Bell Take off Cosmic Atems
78 Large Organ DNS Molecules Cosmic Choral
81 Space Zap Code Signales Synthetiques II
82 Waterdrops Special Flatter Synophale
83 Free Fall Earthquake Space Kugeln
84 Sirene Elektro Schock Sonnenwinde
85 Zipper Space Zap Bluelight
86 Machine Gun Aliens Blasophon
87 Alarm Blubbern Gransparent
88 Thunder S6H Modul 2000 Design Choir


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